2021 BCPS Film Expo

Congratulations to the 2021 BCPS Film Expo Winners! You can view the entire presentation by clicking here or click the 2021 BCPS Film Expo tab above to view the winners of individual categories. Please note, due to restrictions you must be signed in to your BCPS Google Account to view all content. BCPS-TV presentation (public): https://livestream.com/bcps/events/5226427/videos/221675731

2021 BCPS Film Expo Categories and Descriptions

This year we have expanded the number of categories!

Animated GIF’s (under 30 seconds): Any short sequence presented in the Animated GIF file format. These can be animated or photo sequences, and present best when the action is looping.

Middle school (all film categories accepted): Any film, in any style, that is produced by a middle school student or group of students.

Live Action Narrative (45 seconds to 10 minutes): Any live action film that is story/narrative driven, may include dialogue or not. Consider the many genres of narrative film such as drama, horror, and comedy.

Short-form Video (under 45 seconds): Any video with a duration under 45 seconds. Consider the many types of short films on the internet such as TikTok videos, vlogs, and video diaries.

Experimental (up to 10 minutes): Any film which does not seem to fit the other categories, this could include music videos, abstract films, and montages.

Documentary (up to 10 minutes): Any film which investigates the world or your experience of it. This could include video diaries, profiles of people, and issue- or history-based documentaries.

Animation (up to 10 minutes): Consider the wide variety of methods within animation such as stop-motion, hand drawn frame-by-frame, rotoscoping, 3D animation…

Promotional Videos (up to 10 minutes): Any films made for or by a club, honor society, morning announcement team, or class which may have an appeal to a broad audience.

Teacher demo (up to 10 minutes): Teachers, we want to see your demonstration videos! Submit any demos under 10 minutes.